Going the extra mile for manufacturers of UTV, ATV and off-road products.

We've provided rod ends, ball joints, linkages and more to motorsports markets for decades. From local dirt tracks to national series and enthusiasts on the street, you'll find QA1 products on a wide variety of vehicles. We put that same expertise to work for companies that design, manufacture and distribute parts for ATVs, side-by-sides and other off-road vehicles. From individual components to subassembilies and motion control systems, our team will collaborate with you to find solutions for your exact needs.

Email OEInfo@QA1.net or call 952-444-4093 to learn more and work with our engineering team.


QA1 UTV and ATV Manufacturing

Whether you design products to help people hit the trails or get essential work done, we have products for your application. Our experts will help you find the right off-the-shelf solution or develop a custom component based on your needs.

QA1 Off-Road Component Manufacturing

From articulation to durability and strength, off-road enthusiasts test every limit of suspension systems. We can help you explore existing products, or develop components that meet your requirements and deliver when it matters most.

We offer a wide range of products and can help develop motion control solutions, including:

  • ATV, UTV and off-road suspension systems
  • Throttle, clutch and other linkages
  • Tubular control arms
  • Ball joints, radius rods and other suspension parts


QA1 UTV and ATV Manufacturing QA1 Off-Road Component Manufacturing

Our diverse product line and manufacturing capabilities help us offer off-the-shelf options or custom components made in-house. We can use manual processes to prototype components quickly, create automated cells for production runs or provide a stop gap while sourcing long-term options that meet your cost requirements and QA1's quality standards.