If you're a proud owner of a C20 truck and have been searching for the perfect suspension kit to give your ride a lowered stance, improved performance, and easy installation, then the QA1 Chevy C20 Coil-Over Suspension Kit might just be the solution you've been looking for.

For years, C20 truck owners have been limited in their suspension options. Some have even resorted to using parts from a half-ton truck, which can cause significant issues. Firstly, it forces the use of half spindles for 5-lug wheels, and secondly, those parts were designed for a much lighter truck, meaning strength becomes a concern.

Fortunately, QA1 has developed a suspension kit that fully addresses these concerns with a meticulously designed solution. The kit features larger C20 ball joints for enhanced strength, and more importantly, 8-lug spindles, enabling you to keep your beloved 8-lug wheels while still maintaining a robust and resilient ride. Additionally, the control arms have been reinforced with increased strength in critical areas, including the cross shafts, to provide an added layer of durability.

Close up detail shot of the QA1 Chevy C20 Suspension Kit with a focus on the Ball Joints

One of the essential components of the QA1 kit is the coil-over shocks and associated brackets. They provide adjustable valving for superior ride and performance and can give you up to 6” of drop with the use of popular drop spindles. What's more, the Proma Star shocks is eligible for a lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind while you're cruising around in your C20.

The control arms are also a significant factor in the improvements to drivability through improved geometry. With 7 degrees of caster, your truck will drive and track better, more like a modern vehicle. Furthermore, the kit is easy to install with basic tools. Simply remove the old suspension, cut a few rivets, and cut the spring pocket, and everything bolts in from there.

Image of the QA1 C20 Control Arms

In conclusion, the QA1 suspension kit is a perfect solution for C20 owners looking for a perfect lowered stance, improved ride and performance, and easy installation, all while keeping their 8-lug wheels. So, if you're looking to take your C20 truck to the next level, the QA1 suspension kit is the way to go.