Dodge’s classic D100 and D200 trucks have a devoted following for good reason. While they may not be as mainstream as C10s or F100s, the classic Mopar pickup features iconic styling (including that Sweptline we know and love), a wide range of power plant options and a community that will put their trucks up against anyone.

While there’s a lot to love about any D100, there are also some drawbacks. A major one? It’s a 60+ year-old design. Don’t get us wrong. That’s a huge plus when it comes to the pickup’s simplicity, aesthetics and the thumbs up you get cruising down the road. But the suspension geometry and front leaf springs are part of a bygone era for a reason.

Converting your D100 truck to an independent front suspension system is one of the best changes you can make to overhaul the feel and performance of your classic pickup while getting the lowered stance you want.


A million elements go into the design of a suspension system. We won’t get too technical here. But upgrading to modern steering geometry will make your truck behave much more like the cars and pickups we’ve become accustomed to – while giving you major performance advantages.

Back in the day, cars and trucks were designed with little to no caster. This is the imaginary line drawn between your upper and lower ball joints. It’s also the suspension factor that automatically returns your steering wheel to center. By increasing the amount of caster in your D100’s front end to modern specs, you’ll gain you much more responsive steering and stability.

Along with caster, independent front suspension systems give you the ability to adjust your camber. This is the angle of your wheel inboard and outboard. It changes how much of your tire is actually in contact with the road, both in a straight line and under cornering loads. This plays a big role in defining how your truck will behave when you enjoy some spirited backroads driving or even track use.

Additional elements like bump steer and Ackermann have been greatly improved upon in the decades since your truck rolled off the showroom floor. All in all, these independent elements of an independent suspension come together to radically transform your pickup’s driving characteristics.


These trucks were not blessed with a tight steering system, even when they were brand new. The steering boxes and solid axle systems were wayward, wander-y and took approximately one zillion turns to get from lock to lock. That may have been acceptable before people knew any better, but we now live in a golden age when rack-and-pinion steering is never even a question in modern vehicles.

Upgrading to a powered rack will tighten up your steering, taking that vagueness out of the wheel and drastically improving your cornering confidence.


Sure, you can add, subtract or modify leafs in the front suspension to change your truck’s stance. But only by small increments, and even minor changes have significant impacts on the functionality of your steering, suspension geometry, suspension travel, etc. With a coil-over conversion system installed, you’re able to raise and lower your truck in a matter of minutes. This allows you to personalize the look and feel of your truck while significantly lowering the center of gravity to improve handling. On top of that, an independent suspension system does away with the headaches you’ll experience when trying to lower your truck using the stock suspension mounts.


Independent front suspension systems for D100 trucks offer additional benefits, and it’s a great way to get rid of all those worn out odds and ends you never think about but definitely need to change. IE, blown out bushings, steering joints that don’t play nicely anymore, seized tie-rod sleeves; the list goes on.


It’s no secret that trucks of yesteryear were not designed to be street machines that gobble up corners. They were practical vehicular tools designed to maximize utility. But in an age of restomods and classic trucks that outmaneuver modern sports cars, it’s time to think outside your pickup’s box. When paired with a rear suspension drop, an independent front suspension system can help you go full race car – taking corners with the best of them at track days and autocross events.

But these advantages are strictly reserved for orange cones and finish lines. An upgraded D100 front suspension makes your truck just as much fun on the street. You can opt for a setup that gives you that enthusiast feel without turning every bump into a boulder. This is accomplished through adjustable shock valving on your coil-overs. You’ll be able to dial in your compression and rebound settings to find the right fit for you, your preferences, road conditions and other factors.


Check out our QA1 D100/D200 Coil-Over Conversion system designed by Gerst. It’s the ultimate upgrade for your truck’s front end and literally bolts in. Keep your fender aprons. No need to cut your frame. Just drop the old parts out and put the new ones in.