8Q4-DRY-6PK 8Q Series Small Body Dry Shock Six Pack, Twin Tube, 4in. Stroke, Dry, Linear


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QA1 now offers 8Q Series in six packs of “dry” shocks. They include parts to build six new shocks and offer a cost-effective way to use custom valvings. The packs include gas bags, seal packs, pistons, piston rods and more.

Six packs DO NOT include bleed shims and require a tuning kit. Don't forget to grab a closure nut wrench and QA1 SF16 shock oil to complete your builds.

QA1’s rebuildable twin tube shocks offer the performance, consistency and tunability racers demand. Formerly known as 80 series shocks, the 8Q series is an aluminum small-body shock available in bearing mount configurations. The threaded body makes it very easy to use in coil-over configurations using QA1 kits (sold separately). Racers can choose from 3-9” bodies depending on rules and applications.

The 8Q offers all the performance of QA1’s proven large body shocks in a more compact package. The smaller outside diameter makes this shock a great option for lightweight classes or applications where clearance is an issue.

8Q shocks can be re-valved and rebuilt by racers in a matter of minutes using basic tools and available kits. Two-piece bodies make it simple to disassemble and reassemble shocks. The gland features relief cuts and a hyper screw port, making shocks easy to fill and bleed on assembly. Upgraded seals minimize leaks—especially in high-rebound applications—while the compression tube uses a slip fit design to simplify rebuilds.

Small details add up to provide great overall performance. The scalloped base loop increases clearances in tight areas like upper control arms and shock mounts. Pistons are made of high-quality raw aluminum to maximize consistency. To maximize tunability, you can valve the shock with bleed shims or drill out bleeds.

8Q shocks utilize a laser-engraved, black-anodized closure nut to make serial numbers and valving easy to read at the track or in the shop.


  • Compression ValvingDry
  • Rebound ValvingDry
  • Individual or 6 Pack6 Pack
  • Stroke Length4in.