52614-S600 Front Coilover System, 61-71 D100, Single Adjustable, 3-4in. Drop


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1961-1971 Dodge D100 & D200 Front Suspension System

The first of its kind, this true bolt-on front IFS suspension was designed just for Dodge D100 and D200 chassis. It does not require any cutting, welding or modification to your frame rails. You do not need to remove your inner fender aprons. Designed using Ron Sutton’s Suspension Analyzer software, this suspension optimizes front-end geometry for precise handling and driving comfort.

Includes Power Steering Rack and QA1 Adjustable Shocks with springs.

  • QA1 coil-overs provide a perfect lowered stance with 3″ to 6″ of drop
  • 100% bolt-in design requires no welding or cutting
  • Adjustable shock valving allows for ideal ride quality and performance
  • Modern geometry and rack-and-pinion steering significantly improve drivability
  • Upgraded stopping power with Wilwood brake kit options
  • QA1 shocks are eligible for a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

The best, easiest to install, American-made suspension for your classic Dodge D100 or D200!

Choose from four independent front suspension configurations for Dodge D100 trucks below. You can find an option that fits the stance, performance and tunability you want.

Single-adjustable shocks allow you to stiffen or soften ride quality and handling with one knob. This is a great option if you mostly drive your truck on the street. You can also get good performance if you use it at the track or drag racing occasionally.

Double-adjustable shocks provide more customization. You can independently dial in compression and rebound. In other words, one adjustment does not affect the other. Plan to frequently take your truck to the track, drag strip or autocross? These shocks are for you.

For a more planted feel, choose the optional sway bar to further reduces body roll under hard cornering.


Available Configurations

Single Adjustable, 3-4″ drop
Standard Mustang II spindle and single adjustable QA1 coil-overs

Single Adjustable, 5-6″ drop
2″ Drop Mustang II spindle and shocks with single adjustable QA1 coil-overs

Double Adjustable, 3-4″ drop
Standard Mustang II spindle and shocks with double adjustable QA1 coil-overs

Double Adjustable, 5-6″ drop
2″ drop Mustang II spindle and adjustable shocks with double adjustable QA1 coil-overs


Fitment notes

  • The kit uses Mustang II spindles to offer a wide array of brake options
  • The option that offers 5-6” of drop requires wheels that are at least 15” in diameter
  • OEM drum brake wheels will not fit the kit’s disc brake spindles
  • Check with your brake manufacturer to determine the proper backspacing for your wheels and tire fitment


  • Shock ValvingSingle Adjustable
  • Drop Range3in. to 4in.