52344-M400 Front Coilover System, 67-76 Mopar A-Body, 2-4in. Drop, MOD Series


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Convert your A, B or E Body car from torsion bars to a QA1 Mopar front suspension system with coil-overs. Systems easily bolt-in without any cutting or welding. They instantly upgrade the performance, handling and ride quality of your car.

QA1 Mopar Coil-over Conversion Systems include:

  • Tubular K member reduces weight and makes room for big-tube headers
  • Modular motor mounts for many engines, including a Gen 3 Hemi option
  • Tubular control arms that provide modern geometry for handling and drivability
  • Powered rack-and-pinion steering delivers a modern feel
  • Single- or double-adjustable QA1 coil-overs help you easily dial in your preferred ride quality and stance
  • Mustang II-style spindles offer a wide range of brake options
  • All required hardware for installation
  • Wilwood brake configurations available
  • Optional front sway bar improves handling

Drag Configuration

This kit uses rod ends on both upper and lower control arms to improve weight transfer by reducing deflection. It also includes a lighter spring rate to improve rear grip during hard launches. Drag kits offer 0-2″ of drop.

Handling Configuration

This option uses poly bushings on lower control arms to provide improved cornering and reduced NVH. They incorporate a heavier spring rate for increased front-end stability. Handling kits are available with 0-2″ or 2-4″ of drop.

QA1 systems are made in the USA. Shocks are eligible for a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Fitment Notes

  • Single-adjustable shocks are best for cars used primarily on the street
  • Double-adjustable coil-overs are recommended for consistent drag racing, autocross or road racing
  • Gen 3 Hemi power steering pumps require a pressure reducer and the installation of a power steering cooler
  • Coil-overs and control arms in this kit can NOT be used with other QA1 tubular products designed for torsion bar suspensions
  • Kits with 2-4″ of drop require wheels to be least 18″ in diameter and disc brakes at least 12″ in diameter


What power steering pumps work with the QA1 power rack?
For small block and B/RB engines, use your OE pump. Use the Saginaw style on early cars and Federal or TRW style on later cars. CVF brand power steering pumps also work well with these racks.

For Gen 3 Hemi swaps, the stock Gen III pump puts out too much pressure for the QA1 steering racks. Several companies modify new and used pumps at a reduced pressure (in the range of 1,100 -1,300 psi), including Bouchillon Performance and Holley.

How do you convert to a Manual Steering rack?
If you want to use a manual rack, use Speedway PN 91034344 or equivalent. The QA1 K-members features pilot holes for manual rack mounting. You must drill these out. One of the holes overlaps and you’ll need to use a step drill. The manual rack also requires a different steering u-joint to work with the 9/16-26 spline.

If you want to use the power rack, some customers use a closed-loop system instead of switching to a true manual rack. This provides the faster ratio (2.75 turns lock to lock vs 3.5 on the manual) without a power steering pump.

What spindles are used with these kits?
QA1 spindles start as Mustang II components and have modified steering arms. You cannot use standard Mustang II spindles. We offer both standard height and 2″ drop spindle systems. Drop spindles require 18″ or larger wheels and disc brakes at least 12″ in diameter.

What is the ride height range for standard versus drop spindles?
The ride height range for standard spindles is 0-2″ lower than stock and the drop spindles provide 2-4″ lower than stock. Drop spindles require 18″ minimum diameter wheels and 12″ dis brakes to provide room for the steering arm and outer tie rod end.

What brakes options are available for these systems?
Most front brake kits for Mustang II spindles will work. For the front, we offer several Wilwood disc brake options. Wilwood rotors are dilled for Mopar 5 x 4.5″ and 5 x 4-3/4″ bolt patterns. If you choose to use drop spindles, your discs must be at least 12″ in diameter.

What parts need to be welded during installation?
QA1’s Mopar front suspension systems are a complete bolt-in installation with the exception of the steering column u-joint. After shortening the steering shaft, you must weld the u-joint to the shaft.

What headers fit with these front suspension kits?
Keeping original equipment or factory high performance exhaust manifolds are both options. TTI and Doug’s Headers brands are also frequently used.


  • Drop Range2in. to 4in.
  • Street or Drag PerformanceStreet
  • Shock ValvingMOD Series
  • Spring Rate400lb/in.