52537 Pro Touring Lower Control Arm Kit, 64-72 GM A/G Body


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QA1's Pro-Touring Control Arms are the answer to your handling needs for autocross and road course. Designed with QA1's Ultra Low Friction Ball Joint, these arms will eliminate flex and provide bind-free movement. The one inch longer upper ball joint stud improves camber gain to keep the tire contact patch optimal for superior cornering grip. QA1's ball joints are adjustable and rebuildable for tuning with different stud lengths. Configured for QA1 Pro Coil Systems with double shear lower mounting. The combination of high strength tubing and billet aluminum cross shafts make these arms amount to the lightest on the market with improved strength and durability. Robotically welded and high-quality powder coated these street control arms look great. All of these arms are designed to add 3-4 degrees of caster and 0.5 to 1 degree of negative camber when used together. When used independently they will add approximately half of the preceding numbers.


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