R350-175 Rear Four Link Suspension System, 62-76 Mopar A-Body, MOD Series, 8-3/4 Housing


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Convert your Mopar A, B or E Body car from leaf springs to a coil-over rear suspension. The triangulated 4 link design provides a more planted feel. It makes room for larger wheels and tires by correcting the wheelbase. The system delivers a modern driving experience on the street. Plus, enhanced tunability gets maximum performance at the autocross, road course and drag strip.

QA1 Mopar rear coilover covnversion systems come with:

  • Powder-coated tubular components—including the cross member, upper trailing arms and lower trailing arms
  • Lower trailing arm brackets with adjustable anti-squat
  • All installation hardware
  • Single-adjustable, double-adjustable, and MOD series shocks available to fine tune the ride and handling while easily adjusting ride height
  • An optional sway bar enhances handling and prevents body roll during hard launches

Made in the USA. Shocks are eligible for a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Fitment Notes

  • Installation requires a small amount of cutting and welding on the frame and axle housing
  • Fits Chrysler 8-3/4in. and Ford 9in. axle housings
  • This kit works with factory leaf spring mounts or inboard-located leaf spring mounts
  • Single-adjustable shocks are recommended for cars used mostly on the street
  • Double-adjustable coil-overs are best for cars used to drag race, autocross or road race


What brakes are available for these systems?
You can use the OE brakes or convert to disc brakes. Rear ends use several configurations of axle bearings and offsets.

What parts will I weld during installation?
The 4-link rear suspension requires three welding operations:

  1. Welding of the upper crossmember to the frame rails
  2. Welding 4 link tabs to the rear end housing (note: this requires 220 V welder and good penetration)
  3. Rear sway bar upper bracket to frame rails. Sway bar brackets can be bolted on as well.

Does the rear 4-link system work with relocated inboard spring location?
QA1 Mopar rear suspension systems work with standard spring and inboard spring mounting locations. The unique lower shock mount design allows this versatility.


  • Shock ValvingMOD Series
  • Axle HousingChrysler 8-3/4in. and Ford 9in.