HD06-12170 PromaStar Coilover Strut Kit, 82-92 GM F-body, Double Adj. Drag


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Product Overview

QA1 Proma Star coilover strut kits are a versatile choice for any 82-92 3rd Gen Camaro or Firebird owner. Ideal for both street and race applications, thanks to custom-tailored spring rate and strut valving packages which achieve the ultimate level of ride and performance. The lightweight inverted strut design, adjustable ride height and valving bring out the best possible performance, handling, and stance.

Inverted Strut Design

A major advantage of the Proma Star strut is its inverted cartridge design. Unlike conventional designs, its large diameter shaft resists side loading, ensuring smoother and more consistent performance during hard cornering and braking. The lightweight aluminum body offers reduced unsprung weight improving suspension responsiveness, leading to better handling and traction.

Ride Height Adjustability

Proma Star strut kits offer 0" to 2" lower than stock ride height adjustment to dial in the perfect stance for your 3rd Gen F Body. Whether you're seeking a sleek street look or corner balancing for the track, it's an easy adjustment away.

Tuned Spring Rates

Whether setting up your car for street, drag racing, or handling intensive applications, each kit offers custom tailored spring rates to achieve the ultimate level of ride and performance.

Double-Adjustable Coil-Overs

Double-adjustable coil-overs are the ultimate in performance suspension. Independent tuning of rebound and compression allows you to fine-tune the handling of your 3rd Gen for any driving condition. Adjustments are made under the hood with an easily accessible 18 position knob at the top of the strut tower. This is the choice for drivers who want the absolute best possible handling and performance from their car.

Lightweight Caster Camber Plates

Aluminum caster camber plates are a great way to improve the handling and performance of your 3rd Gen. Not only are they significantly lighter than their steel counterparts, their highly durable anodized finish resists corrosion. To add to that, they offer precision adjustment which allows for even sharper tuning of your suspension geometry and tire wear patterns.

Easy, Bolt-In Installation

Our commitment to thoughtful product design is evident in every fully bolt-in kit we produce, which guarantees a hassle-free installation process.

Made in the USA

QA1 Proma Star struts are proudly made in Lakeville, Minnesota.


  • Spring Rate170lb/in.
  • Springs IncludedYes
  • Strut ValvingDouble Adjustable
  • Vehicle PositionFront