QA1 proudly hosted its 10th Annual Open House, attracting over 300 enthusiasts to their facility. On Friday, July 21st, 2023, attendees enjoyed guided tours of our development center and manufacturing floor, witnessing how QA1's products are made. The parking lot was jam-packed with a variety of hot rods, muscle cars, and trucks, and enthusiasts shared the morning together before the Street Machine Nationals at the MN State Fairgrounds.

Photo collage of the QA1 open house showing muscle cars packed into the parking lot

The highlight of the open house was the exclusive inside look into QA1. Enthusiasts were thrilled to witness the inner workings of QA1's development center and manufacturing floor during guided tours at their Lakeville, MN facility. The 100,000+ square-foot building provided opportunities for guests to observe firsthand how QA1's products are designed and manufactured.

"Our open house is all about connecting with local enthusiasts and proudly demonstrating the manufacturing of QA1 suspension right here in our community," said Dave Kass, QA1's Marketing Manager. "This particular open house holds a unique significance as it marks our 10th annual event during our 30th year of business."

The event was a huge success, attracting a greater number of participants than ever before. Anticipation builds as everyone gears up for the rollout and #goDRIVEit cruise to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for the Street Machine Nationals. Thousands of enthusiasts attend, enjoying a performance marketplace, show-n-shine competition, DYNO challenge, burnout competition, and more. QA1 proudly sponsors the Street Machine Autocross, letting enthusiasts showcase their vehicle's performance capabilities.