DK41-FMM1 DK41-FMM1 Level 1 Full Vehicle Drag Kit, 79-86 Mustang, W/ Shocks


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Product Overview

The QA1 Level 1 Drag Race Kit is an ideal choice for street/strip Fox Body Mustangs. The kit includes lightweight double adjustable front struts, single adjustable rear coil-overs, boxed trailing arms, and rear sway bars.

Inverted Front Struts and Rear Coil-Overs  

Front struts feature an inverted cartridge design, large diameter shaft, and lightweight aluminum body for improved suspension performance. The lightweight, high-travel springs with proven spring rates optimize weight transfer, reducing 60-foot times and ET’s

These kits offer up to 2" lower than stock ride height adjustment to dial in the perfect stance for your Mustang.

Single-adjustable rear coilovers are a good option for track cars that also see a fair amount of street driving, offering a comfortable ride on the street with the ability to adjust for the track.

Lightweight Caster Camber Plates

Aluminum caster camber plates improve Mustang handling and performance. Lighter and sleeker than steel, they offer precision adjustment to fine-tune suspension geometry for straight line stability.

Boxed Trailing Arms and Rear Sway Bar

Boxed trailing arms are an essential upgrade for Mustangs, improving traction, and launch control. They solve flexing issues and reduce bushing bind, allowing the suspension to move more smoothly and provide better control. When paired with a rear sway bar, boxed trailing arms can help your Mustang launch straighter and have more control down track.

Easy, Bolt-In Installation

Our commitment to thoughtful product design is evident in every fully bolt-in kit we produce, to deliver the highest level of performance at the track, while ensuring trouble-free compatibility.

Made in the USA

QA1 struts, coilover shocks, and tubular suspension is proudly made in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Fitment Notes

Not compatible with Cobra IRS


  • Performance LevelLevel 1