A lot goes into cutting the perfect lawn, but one sometimes overlooked item is the incorporation of shock absorbers and dampening units. Shock absorbers are widely used on larger home and commercial mowers. In this article, we will explore how and where shocks get used on mowers and the improved results you will see by incorporating them into your next design.

As we know, mower decks house sharp, heavy-duty spinning blades. As a result, they must be made from heavy gauge steel, making them heavy, often cumbersome, and can be prone to bouncing over rougher terrain. This bouncing can lead to uneven cuts and premature failure of components on the mower. As these decks are inches from the ground, they must remain as level as possible to provide the most consistent cuts. Shock absorbers and dampers are a great solution to control the motion of the deck, lessening the shock to the deck resulting in a smoother cut and longer life of the unit.

Aside from the mower deck itself, there are a few other places shocks can improve the performance of the mower. Most notably, the use of shock absorbers as part of the suspension system will help smooth the ride for a finer cut. Additionally, shock absorbers help to reduce the amount of stress experienced by the unit, as well as its operator.

Lastly, shock absorbers in seating systems are also quite common in many industries and can be beneficial in lawnmowers and other outdoor power and farm/agricultural equipment. Shocks in the seats offer the driver a few benefits. First, they improve safety by allowing the driver to better remain focused on the cut, or other tasks at hand, instead being distracted by sudden jolts when encountering obstacles or rough terrain. Second, they aid in reducing daily fatigue helping to ensure that, even at the end of the day, the operator can provide a quality mow.

In these few examples, you can see why shock absorbers are an important aspect to home and commercial mowers. Review your equipment offering and identify where shock absorbers would be a natural integration in your design.

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